Business Organization

Productivity is of great important. Efficiency and effectiveness are required to reach a company’s full potential. Do more work faster and at a lower cost. With the growing demands of today's society, nothing is more important than the proper organization of your business. A well-organized business is a productive business.

TheMaCon PC

offers organization-reorganization services, by recording and analyzing the existing situation, finding problematic areas and recommending ways for improvement.

Indicative services:


  • Structure and functionality evaluation
  • Detecting malfunctions
  • Organization Chart
  • Process Redesign
  • Forms
  • Function Descriptions
  • Internal rules of operation
  • Internal Control regulation


  • Analysis of market conditions and sizes
  • Sales Department procedures
  • Sales targets
  • Sales analysis, comparison with targets and variance analysis
  • Sales Forms
  • Bonus Incentives – Sales goals
  • Segmentation of customers/Products
  • Vendor Visits scheduling
  • Sales Statistics


  • Code of Conduct
  • Training Planning
  • Remuneration System – productivity incentives
  • Evaluation Systems
  • Techniques of intra-operational communication improvement
  • Developing a spirit of cooperation


  • Investment decisions – evaluation and selection
  • Financing decisions – evaluation and selection of sources and ways of financing
  • Cash flow and cash control
  • Financial Risk Management


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